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History of CMCH:

Chittagong Medical College Hospital was established in the year 1957 at Anderkhilla General Hospital.Present location in the year 1960 with only 120 beds & few outpatient services.Upgraded 500 bed in the year 1969,750 bed 1996,1010 bed 2001,1313 bed 2013.Present 6 storied building completed in the year 1969 and renovated under ADB Project 1998 At the beginning of the hospital, there were only two departments i.e Surgery and Gynecology & Obstetrics . The general hospital at that time used to serve as the department of Medicine and allied specialities till 1969 . This has become now one of the largest hospital in the country & only referral hospital (Level 3) in greater Chittagong Area and now accommodates all the clinical departments and sub specialities.This hospital also rendering services to the Burn patients, Open heart surgery.This is the only government Hospital outside the Capital for Cardiac Surgery Operation also having largest NICU (SCANU),PICU.

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