Chittagong Medical College Hospital established in the year 1957 and started functioning in the present location in 1960 with only 120 beds & few out patient services.Later it was upgraded to 500,750,1010,1313* ( * This only administrative but no functional benefit found) beds in 1969,1996,2001 and 2013 respectively.This is one of the second largest hospital in the country & only referral hospital (Level 3) in greater Chittagong covering 40,000 sq. km. area serving health care services for about 30 millions population.At the beginning of this hospital, there were only two departments Surgery, Obs. & Gynae. The general hospital at that time used to serve as department of Medicine and allied specialties till 1969.Daily 2400 to 2600 patients remain admitted to this hospital.Admission turn over is 450-650 patients per day.Outdoor patient attendance 2000 to 2600.At present its 6 storied building accommodating all ward and departments of all subjects and specialties.But at this moment it is very much essential to have another building keeping provision to accommodate at least 1500 patient.Inspite of a lot of constraints this hospital is rendering all types of general and specialized treatment available in the country.All this possible because of devotion and motivation of all employees of this hospital.

Mohsen Uddin Ahmed, MHI, MPH
Brigadier General
Chittagong Medical College Hospital,CTG.
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